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Dear Lovers and Friends, 

Have you missed me?  I have been taking time away for much-needed self-care, and I will be returning soon!  My website is (temporarily) locked while I'm making updates, and to alleviate overwhelm from a rush of emails as I become more active on social media again.  

Many apologies to fellow companions and long-time clients who have been unable to reach me in my absence.  I have had to direct all of my energy towards my own mental well-being so that I can thrive as my absolute best self.  

I will TRY my best to respond to messages, however I am unable to guarantee that I can get to everybody. 

FOR PAST CLIENTS IN GOOD STANDING WITH ME (we have met several times and would meet again):  Please email me BEFORE listing me as a companion reference.  I haven't visited with clients in quite some time, however, if we have left a strong positive impression on one another, I will gladly correspond with your reference-requests ONLY AFTER hearing from you.  This is just a temporary change as I concentrate on catching up to my inbox.  

COMPANIONS SEEKING REFERENCES:  I am happy to provide reference and any relevant verification info you may find helpful, however I may be somewhat delayed in response for the time being.  Please ask the client to contact me directly, as I may reply faster to email names that I am familiar with.  I will try my very BEST to catch up and get back on track.  

NEW PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS:  Hold tight, my loves!  I am not (yet) open for new bookings, but check back again soon!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

My contact email is, and any emails affiliated with me will come from an domain name. is my ONLY website, so my authentic ads will point you here, and here alone!  I do not have a listed phone number on ANY ads.  My only contact method is via EMAIL.  

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