Gratitude is a quality that has always been a guiding light in my life.  I have been blessed with so many privileges that money can't buy: my personal health, the well-being of those I care for the most, great friendships with people whom I connect with on the deepest levels, and a life full of experiences beyond what most people could ask for.  I do my best to never lose sight of these. 

While the best things in life are not things, I am often asked by generous lovers about the ways they can send their tokens of affection, whether it's something for us to enjoy together on a date or a thoughtful gift in the mail to let me know you're thinking of me.   Gifts are never expected, but always met with the highest gratitude! 


Below are some ideas of ways to make me smile.

Birthday: May 28

Wish List

Want to keep it simple? Here is my Wishlist


Want to bring a bottle for us to enjoy together? Here are some of my favorite easy wines/spirits, but if you know your way around the wine cellar, sweep me off of my feet with your own selection and treat me to something I've never heard of before.  Bonus love if you bring some cheese or charcuterie snacks to pair it with :)  I do enjoy liquor on occasion, if that's more your speed.  

  • Bubbly​​

    • Brut champagne (or sparkling wine)​

    • Prosecco

    • Sparkling rose

  • White

    • Chardonnay​

    • Sauvignon blanc

  • Red wine

    • Cabernet sauvignon

    • Red zinfandel

    • Sangiovese

    • Pinot Noir

  • Liquor

    • Vodka: Ciroc, Ciroc Pineapple

    • Cognac: Hennessy VSOP or XO, Remy VSOP or XO, or Ciroc vodka.  

Favorite Gift Cards

If you're missing me dearly but can't make your way into my arms anytime soon, an e-mail delivery gift card is a great way to send kisses from afar.  If you're sending from really far, like internationally, be sure to read the fine print to see if the card is valid in the USA.  Here are links to the gift cards at some of my favorite stores, and you can send them to :


Clothing Sizes

  • Dress: Medium /Size 8

  • Bras: 34C

  • Thongs: Small

  • Boy Shorts: Medium

  • Garters: Small

  • Shoes: Womens 9 USA

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