I'm thrilled that you're ready for us to leave our worries behind.  The next step is to tell me a little about yourself.  A brief introduction is always appreciated, and will help me get a feel for your personality.  You may also wish to view my calendar.   

Upon first contact via email, you will receive an auto-reply message with more information.  

I strongly encourage gentlemen to pre-book, however there may be instances when I can accommodate on shorter notice.  



I do not use a personal assistant, and I am only one imperfect human.  I cannot check my inbox while entertaining clients, while driving, or when I otherwise do not have the privacy to do so.  At times, I may get behind on my emails and may be slow to reply. 

I do try to prioritize messages from returning clients, reference requests from companions, and new clients who submit a booking form with completed information and a polite introduction.  

I still may have missed your email by mistake, and if so, please reach out again.  


Screening is straightforward and required of all new friends for my safety and comfort.


Requests through my booking form will greatly help streamline the verification process.  Please answer questions fully and accurately to help speed things along so we can get to what really matters, having fun!  

I use real-world information to verify new clients.  This may include ID, references, cell number, in addition to other details, however new clients without references are accepted as well.  Employment verification is not adequate on its own, but may be useful in helping me determine if a client is safe to meet.  




I have spent years establishing my reputation as a trustworthy companion, and your information is safe with me.  I do not use an assistant, therefore I am the only person viewing all of our private correspondence.  

If you would like to learn more about me, I have many years of web presence as well as reviews you may wish to research before contacting me.  Links to me around the web can be found at



Please use my booking form, and kindly introduce yourself via email.  

Contact me directly via email:



Also follow me on Twitter at


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