Welcome to my private island, and thank you for taking the time to explore.  May I tempt you to come away with me on this exclusive pleasure trip?  
Discover your very own Polynesian retreat with a beauty seldom encountered beyond remote Pacific destinations.  Almond-shaped eyes, captivating curves, soft golden skin and a smile as bright as the sun invite the first-class gentleman to indulge.  I embody a cheerful, playful personality that characterizes a woman living on island time.  I hunger to please you with my exceptional girlfriend experience.
So far my life in Boston has been an invigorating affair.  I have had many adventures in my city that previously I could never conceive, like seeing people snowboard in the the street on a snowy day or reveling in the emotions as Marathon runners cross the finish line.  New experiences such as these have captivated me, while great restaurants with fresh seafood keep my background close to my heart.  I have truly fallen in love with my new home.  
My companionship is ideal for the elite businessman desiring a confidential relationship.  I thoroughly enjoy when we take our time with each encounter.  I welcome you to escape with me on a luxurious night of fine dining, social engagements, travel, or a journey to an intimate hideaway for a sensual evening of romance.  Let's depart on an exotic tryst that only a tropical vacation can replicate.  Relax and leave your busy world behind.  
Until I have the pleasure of meeting you, feel free to browse the content on my site.  Click Sightsee to treat yourself to a visual vacation, head over to Experience to find out more, follow my blog and get to know me better, and of course, make your dreams come true by clicking Contact.  
I am always updating my site, so I invite you to return often to see what is new!
I can't wait to meet you,


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