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"The Ultimate Boston Experience"

Updated: Jul 13, 2019 shared an article today about a charity drive that really got me excited! Now that I've thrown the word "charity" out there, I suppose this is a good time to state that I'm in no way affiliated with the businesses or organizations I'll mention in this blog post other than loving to support the community I live in. I especially love to support children's charities because kids are the future of the world we live in. OK, it also helps that I'm a huge sports fan, so winning the prize would be icing on the cake.

Fenway Park

Flutter is raising money to benefit the West End House / Boys & Girls Club of Allston-Brighton, and a $10 donation enters to win a wicked awesome Boston staycation which includes:

  • One night stay at the Lenox Hotel

  • Helicopter tour of Boston (which flies over Fenway Park)

  • Two Boston Red Sox tickets

  • Complimentary drinks at the Lenox Hotel

  • Dinner-for-two at the Capital Grille on Boylston Street

  • Choose the day/night of your Boston experience

Is that amazing or what?! I've been dying to check out the view at the Pru', but a helicopter ride over Fenway would seriously take my breath away!

Flutter is running the contest for the next two weeks, and donations are limited to a one-time $10 contribution. In order for the prize to be awarded, the total donations must meet the "tipping point" of $3,000, however, the charity will still receive donations whether the tipping point is met or not. In a metro area of nearly 5 million people, that seems easy enough to exceed.

A few quick facts about the West End House Boys & Girls Club and what they do:

  • Founded in 1906 to transform the lives of immigrant & urban youth

  • 75% of West End House families earn less than $25,000 yearly

  • 70% of the youth served come from single-parent households

  • Programs include: leadership & life skills, academic support, college preparation, sports, fitness & nutrition, and visual & performing arts

  • Healthful hot meal service to over 1200 members each week

I'm captivated by organizations like the Boys & Girls Club that offer hope, mentoring, and motivation to young people who may otherwise not reach their fullest potential. And hats off to Flutter for tying some serious fun into the donation process!

For more information, check these links out:

While you're already winning by helping the community, good luck to everyone who enters!

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