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Listen to the Waves

June is off to an amazing start for me. I have always loved travel and new experiences, and what's better than sharing two things I love with gorgeous friends? To kick off the month, my girlfriends and I decided to pack our bags and leave the fickle Boston weather behind for some R&R on South Beach. It was my first time ever experiencing Miami. While our weekend escape was full of adventure, one experience was an easy favorite of mine: the beaches! I grew up near the ocean and would take every chance to head to the beach, but I'd never seen anything as beautiful as the white sands and blue ocean that Florida had to offer.

Perhaps I find the beach so alluring because I love great conversation and quality time. Our group of girls shared hours together just listening to music, lounging, and laughing. It was an amazing bonding experience!

As we boarded our return flight to Boston's welcome-home-it's-47-degrees-and-raining-in-June, you would think I would be dreading the contrast. I admittedly wished I could pack the South Beach weather and bring it home with me, but I also knew that I was leaving one adventure only to embark on yet another: my grand entrance into the luxury companion lifestyle!

Until my next beach getaway, Alina Baraz's "Fantasy" takes me on a mental trip to somewhere warm, sexy, and clothing-optional. It's been a daily hobby to dance in the mirror, re-living SoBe with "Fantasy" on repeat:

"So you say you want to get away. We don't need a plane. I could be your escape. Take you to a place where there's no time, no space. I could be your private island on a different planet. Anything could happen. Listen to the waves. Let them wash away your pain. I could be your fantasy." Baraz's gorgeous vocals and the relaxing melody are mesmerizing and take me on a 3-minute vacation. What do you do to "get away" when you can't get away?

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